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Valencia Twilight Festival: 25% merino lambswool, 75% combed cotton

This wrap has a unique feel to it; chunky and quite dense at 370gsm, but with plenty of diagonal stretch and movement still. It is one of the thicker wraps we’ve made and definitely wraps shorter as a result, although you will gain more length as it breaks in. As with all our wraps, the […]

Moss Twilight Winter Hill: video geekery!

Moss is such a beautiful wrap, but it is incredibly hard to capture it accurately; some colours just seem to allude the camera and look washed out or greyed. The merino/cotton weft is a more saturated ‘mossy green’ than it appears, with flecks of paler colour throughout. It has a wonderful drape and is the […]

Sylvan Twilight Birch Trees

Sylvan Twilight Birch Trees is a 50% linen 50% combed cotton wrap. We previously wove sylvan trees on an obsidian warp, and it worked so well that we thought we would use the remaining weft on the Twilight warp. Being a deep indigo colour, the Twilight warp creates a softer, more dusky look than the […]

Moss Twilight Winter Hill

Moss is the perfect name for this green merino lambswool/cotton blend weft. It has a speckle to the yarn that adds depth and texture against the dark, silky looking twilight warp. This is our classic 25% merino blend that balances softness with support. This is a medium weight wrap, suited to newborns and toddlers alike. It […]

Spindrift Twilight Seafoam

50% hemp, 50% combed cotton We love our slubby hemp weft, both for its looks and wrapping qualities. Hemp really is a wonder fibre and we think it is perfectly suited to use in baby wraps. It has long and very strong fibres that are incredibly resistant to wear, but it softens and breaks in […]

Grizedale Twilight Birch Trees: Tri-blend

We named this wrap after the glorious Grizedale forest, situated in the heart of the Lake district. It is a triblend, working out at around 45% combed cotton, 45% merino lambswool and 10% linen. There are 3 different types of thread in the weft; the fine coral linen, chunky orange merino and rust red cotton, […]

Anemone Twilight Tourbillon

Anemone is our 100% cotton 2 colour weft that flows between magenta and a royal blue, creating hues of purple where the colours blend. On the indigo Twilight warp face the lewel-like weft tones shine through, captured in the bubbles of the pattern. This is a medium weight wrap, at around 245 gsm, woven in our […]

Crystalline Twilight Midwinter 50% Lambswool

  We have slightly tweaked our Midwinter design, changing the shape of the tree a little and moving the owl! Our Crystalline weft is made up from a variety of cool blues and purples which work together beautifully. This is another weft made from locally sourced left-over yarns, so it is a limited run. This lambswool […]

Rowan Twilight Curves of Pursuit: 50% Lambswool

This wrap really has me in the festive mood- it’s richness of colour glows against cold grey day. It draws your eye like the fire in the hearth does, warming your spirits as well as your fingers. This is a 50% lambswool wrap, and the wool is unfortunately a limited edition weft that we’ll struggle […]

Zora Twilight Tourbillon, 25% linen: release information

The Zora weft has a special lineage- it is made up from two yarns that we’ve used before. The first is the Winter linen,  a light and shimmery yarn that adds support to the wrap without extra weight. The second is our Spring cotton that we used on our first ever weave run. They work […]

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