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Winter Twilight Seafoam

Our next release into the shop  is the linen weft Winter Twilight Seafoam and we will be releasing these tomorrow at 10am (Saturday 21st December). Fittingly this is the Winter Solstice- the shortest day of the year in terms of daylight hours. The linen is incredibly shimmery and versatile in its appearance. Just like the […]

Moonlit Twilight Seafoam 100% Combed Cotton

The Moonlit Twilight Seafoam wraps are due to be released on the 6th December at 1pm (or as close to then as small children will allow).   I’m just going to have to bombard you with pictures because this weft is one that changes colour depending on the context in which you view it. It […]

Pale Gold Cashmere Blend Gossamer

It is a very cold and crisp day here, but the sunshine is bright so we thought we’d get some pictures of our new cashmere blend Gossamer wraps.     This is the same cashmere cotton blend yarn as the verdigris and lime so these wraps work out around 10%  cashmere and 90% cotton. They […]

Pomegranate Fractal Spirals

The release date for the Pomegranate Twilight Fractal Spiral wraps will be Wednesday 6th November. We are aiming for around 4pm (after the school pick up but before tea time )!  These wraps are 100% combed cotton and the magenta weft changes the twilight warp quite dramatically, picking up its rich, purple undertones.

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