Firespiral Wrap Database

This is a database containing all information about (nearly) every wrap that we’ve made since we started weaving in 2012!

We’re a micro-manufacturer, which means that our wraps are woven  in small, limited collections each year, rather than us having any wraps permanently in stock.

This means that there is always something new to find in our shop, but once we’ve sold out of something then it is gone forever. We’ve therefore built up an extensive back-catalogue of things that we’ve made in the past!

There is a vibrant resale market for pre-loved wraps, so we’ve created this database to provide you with information about all of our past collections. 

We’ve organised the database for you to browse both by the design of the wrap and also its warp colour. 

You can find out how we name our wraps here.


If you are looking for a specific wrap then type the name or a keyword below, along with the words “wrap database”.