How to use a babywearing bag


Babywearing bags are specifically designed for using whilst carrying your baby. They have unique features that make it easier to fasten them over the two of you and ensure that the strap fits comfortably around your baby.

They’re very simple to use, fastening and adjusting with metal sling rings in the same way as a ring sling does. The strap is made from half width wrap cloth, so it works in the same way as the passes on your wrap do. They can be bunched up or spread out flat to suit your carry.

The tricky part of using a regular bag when babywearing is the bit where you pass the strap over both of your heads without it going between you or dislocating your shoulders to do it!

With a babywearing bag you can open the strap completely, pass the open strap round your back then bring the end behind you and over your shoulder.

How to use a babywearing bag over a front carry (video- no sound)

How to use a babywearing bag over a back carry (video- no sound)

Here’s a more in depth look at the features of each of the bags we stock.

If you’re at the stage of just front carrying then you might find a regular rucksack works well for you. We talk you through the options of different bags in this article.

We have a range of different babywearing bags in stock, or you can have a bespoke Absolute Bobbins bag made at no extra cost!

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