Moss Twilight Winter Hill: video geekery!

Moss Twilight Winter Hill: video geekery!

Moss is such a beautiful wrap, but it is incredibly hard to capture it accurately; some colours just seem to allude the camera and look washed out or greyed. The merino/cotton weft is a more saturated ‘mossy green’ than it appears, with flecks of paler colour throughout. It has a wonderful drape and is the perfect weight to manage the seasonal transition from cold weather through to balmy late spring days (or beyond if you live in a cooler climate as we do). We thought we’d try and offer some more information about it in a video, although it turns out that trying to film yourself trying a knot whilst placating a poorly, grumpy baby is really tricky! I’m going to draft in help next time…



[kad_vimeo url=”″ ]

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