Rowan Twilight Curves of Pursuit: 50% Lambswool

Rowan Twilight Curves of Pursuit: 50% Lambswool

This wrap really has me in the festive mood- it’s richness of colour glows against cold grey day. It draws your eye like the fire in the hearth does, warming your spirits as well as your fingers.Crystalline Twilight MW & Rowan Twilight CoP-1

This is a 50% lambswool wrap, and the wool is unfortunately a limited edition weft that we’ll struggle to ever repeat exactly. We are a very small company compared with most British manufacturing (clothes, furnishings etc). They often end up with small batches of yarn left over that they can’t make use of, but we certainly can. This creates a no-waste, symbiotic relationship. We buy the remaining yarn that they have no other use for, and we get incredibly high quality, specialist yarns that we couldn’t normally source.

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This particular lambswool is super soft and with absolutely no itch. It has also proved itself capable of being machine washed safely on a wool cycle. We have tested it with a spin of upto 800rpm, but recommend 600 or lower if your machine gives you the option.


My preferred method is a cold wool wash (up to 30 degrees c) with a rinsehold at the end to leave it soaking for an extra 20mins or so. Then a 600rpm spin and air drying over a banister/clothes maiden as the spin means that it isn’t so heavy as to require completely flat drying.

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Given that treatment, my Rowan measures around 67cm across the width, with 275gsm. This makes it cushiony without being overly thick. It has enough movement in the cloth to mould tightly in a wrap job. It regulates heat very well, keeping us snuggly on chilly days but not overly hot when you step in from the cold. It acts as a nice insulator so that you can avoid having to add too many extra layers to your baby.

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Crystalline Twilight MW & Rowan Twilight CoP-7

Rowan Twilight Curves of Pursuit will be added into our shop on 30th November 2015 at 12pm (Noon GMT).


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