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Blossoms Twilight Tourbillon: Wrap Database

Blossoms Twilight Tourbillon: Wrap Database

Weft Name: BlossomsWarp Name: TwilightDesign Name: TourbillonGSM: 250Weave Structure: AlchemyAverage Width: 69cmBlend: 100% combed cottonRelated Wraps: Inspired by the weft colours of our Sling-It 2016 event exclusive wrap, Doves Twilight Winter Hill.Wrapping Qualities: Soft, mouldable and supportive for all ages. Our all cotton Alchemy wraps are incredibly easy to use, and passes will slide into […]

Anemone Twilight Tourbillon

Anemone is our 100% cotton 2 colour weft that flows between magenta and a royal blue, creating hues of purple where the colours blend. On the indigo Twilight warp face the lewel-like weft tones shine through, captured in the bubbles of the pattern. This is a medium weight wrap, at around 245 gsm, woven in our […]

Zora Twilight Tourbillon, 25% linen: release information

The Zora weft has a special lineage- it is made up from two yarns that we’ve used before. The first is the Winter linen,  a light and shimmery yarn that adds support to the wrap without extra weight. The second is our Spring cotton that we used on our first ever weave run. They work […]

Re-release of Lichen Sand Birch Trees, Zaffre Sand Tourbillion and Glacial Sand Seafoam

We had some warp left over from our original weave and have rewoven our 3 most popular 100% cotton wraps from the original Sand releases – Glacial Sand Seafoam,  Lichen Sand Birch Trees and Zaffre Sand Tourbillon. Please click on the wrap names to go through to the original release information about these wraps. These 3 wraps […]

Anemone Obsidian Tourbillon: 100% combed cotton

Anemone Obsidian Tourbillon is sister wrap to the recently released Heliotrope Vortex. They both use the same 2 colours of cotton in the weft but combined to create 2 very diifferent effects. In Heliotrope the threads blended to create one solid colour, whereas in Anemone they produce an ombre effect of purple,pink and blue. They are […]

Indigo Cyano Curves, Peridot Cyano Curves, Spindrift Cyano Tourbillon: all in stock soon!

We have lots of new stock to release into the shop over the coming months- a real mix of colours, fibres and designs, catering for all tastes. We’re hoping to build an exciting array of choice for visitors to our webshop. To help us all plan ahead a little better we are trying out a […]

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