Moss Twilight Winter Hill

Moss Twilight Winter Hill

Moss is the perfect name for this green merino lambswool/cotton blend weft. It has a speckle to the yarn that adds depth and texture against the dark, silky looking twilight warp. This is our classic 25% merino blend that balances softness with support. This is a medium weight wrap, suited to newborns and toddlers alike. It takes a couple of washes from new to reach its true baby soft state.
Winter Hill is an iconic landmark in the West Pennines, full of history, myth and the modern magic of the telecommunication towers! For Boltonians, catching sight of the ‘mast’ in the distance is a sign that we are close to home…

DSC_0702 Moss Twilight Winter Hill-1

Moss Twilight Winter Hill-7 Moss Twilight Winter Hill-19 Moss Twilight Winter Hill-20 Moss Twilight Winter Hill-21 Moss Twilight Winter Hill-6c

These wraps will be added to our shop stock on Sunday 24th January 2016 at 4pm (GMT)

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