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We have different types of babywearing bags to offer, depending on your needs.  Babywearing bags have specially designed straps to making carrying your bag and baby at the same time a breeze!

How to use a babywearing bag when back carrying

You can read our general guide to babywearing bags here

We have recently started making a Firespiral Babywearing bag, these will show as in stock if we have any available. Please get in touch if you would like one from a current in-stock fabric, we may be able to make you one if there isn’t one already available!

Here is a video showing our  Absolute Bobbins bags 



Absolute Bobbins bags are made to order and have options that you can customise. They are a slightly larger bag that will easily function as a nappy/diaper bag. The strap can be worn single or double-shouldered have multiple pockets and a key chain clip.



Outer: Organic cotton, Italian Linen Inner: man-made fibers


This is a deposit payment for an Absolute Bobbins babywearing bag. Select your choice of wrap cloth from the drop-down menu. We will pass your email address onto Absolute Bobbins who will contact you to finalise any further choices you need to make. Sewing slots will be allocated once you have completed this step. The [...]

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