How do I choose a baby wrap? Let us help you pick!

How do I choose a baby wrap? Let us help you pick!

Are you finding it hard to choose a baby wrap? How will you know which woven wrap is right for you? Let us show you what we’ve got in stock right now and do some quick comparisons between them.

 Having carried 6 children between us over the years, we know what makes a great wrap, so all of our wraps are nice and easy to use, and there are no ‘wrong’ choices for you to make. All of our wraps will be easy to use for beginners and can be used from birth to toddler and beyond, but some will be extra-specially good for new wrappers, big kids etc. We make a variety of thicknesses, blends and wrapping properties to suit your personal preferences.
You can read our general wrap buying guidance first, or skip straight down to see all our suggestions.

Last CHance to BUy

All our cloth is woven as limited edition runs. These are the designs that we’ve nearly run out of and may only have limited sizes left.

100% cotton  Alchemy wraps

They make a brilliant starting point for the new wrapper who isn’t sure what qualities they like in a woven wrap yet. They practically wrap themselves!


Blend: 50% Organic combed cotton, 50% 3-ply space-dyed compact cotton

Synergy Weave

These wraps are all organic cotton too, but our synergy weave uses two different, fine wefts with a warp hidden inside them. That lends a flexible thickness, making them  incredible workhorse wraps that can carry even the biggest child.

All of our 100% cotton wraps

All of these are 100% organic cotton wraps, regardless of the type of weave used.

50% ITAlian linen wraps

These supersoft, easy care linen wraps would be our choice if we could only choose one wrap to own from birth to the end of our carrying days!

Other Fibre blends without wool

Looking for a blend of fibres rather than an all cotton wrap? These wraps have a mix of linen and/or viscose in their wefts. Viscose is our ethical alternative to silk, made from natural plant fibre pulp.

Wool blend wraps

All of these wraps have wool in their blend. Wool gives a wrap cushioning and bounce for a super comfy carry. Unless otherwise specified, all our wool wraps can be machine washed on a wool setting.

thick wraps

Thicker wraps are naturally more supportive. They can be harder work to get perfect smooth passes from, but that doesn’t matter as they’re more forgiving of a sloppy wrap job than a thinner wrap. Our thick wraps are often much easier to use than wraps from other brands of the same weight, so don’t worry about the high GSM!

Thinner wraps

These are our wraps that either have a lower GSM or feel thinner to wrap with.


alchemy Weave

Wraps woven using Alchemy weave are super easy to use, regardless of their weight or fibre blend.  Our special weave creates fluid, airy cloth that wraps smoothly comfortably every time.


Blend: 50% Organic combed cotton, 50% 3-ply space-dyed compact cotton


Blend: 50% Organic combed cotton, 50% Italian linen


Blend: 50% Organic combed cotton, 50% Italian linen


50% Organic combed cotton, 50% Italian linen  

Elements weave

There are only a few wraps in this category. Our Elements weave is a slightly denser version of our special Alchemy weave, giving it a slightly sturdier feel.

 If you still have questions why not drop us a message via social media or email at and we’ll give you personalised advice on choosing wraps, wrap sizes or just general wrap help!

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