Crystalline Twilight Midwinter 50% Lambswool


Crystalline Twilight Midwinter-5

We have slightly tweaked our Midwinter design, changing the shape of the tree a little and moving the owl!

Our Crystalline weft is made up from a variety of cool blues and purples which work together beautifully. This is another weft made from locally sourced left-over yarns, so it is a limited run. This lambswool mix is a little rough from the bag, but a couple of washes and an iron later it is soft and snuggly. This wrap happily handled a machine wash on a wool specific cycle. Post wash and iron this wrap is 72 cm wide and weighs in at 245 gsm.

crystalline midwinter

Crystalline Twilight Midwinter-10

Crystalline Twilight Midwinter-7 Crystalline Twilight Midwinter-4

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