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Luna Twilight Festival: Wrap Database

Weft Name: LunaWarp Name: TwilightDesign Name: FestivalGSM: 280Weave Structure: AlchemyAverage Width: 68cmBlend: 59% cotton, 28% linen, 13% viscose Related Wraps: Luna Twilight Birch TreesWrapping Qualities: This wrap has a cool, heavy, floppy drape to it. The linen provides a little texture and sheen, whereas the viscose and cotton if very soft. The pattern adds a […]

Valencia Twilight Festival geekery video

Given that this wrap is quite different to our others I thought it might be interesting to have some more information about how it handles. I’d washed this wrap once (I think it needs another wash to get the wool properly out of loomstate) and it hadn’t been broken in or worn. I think you […]

Valencia Twilight Festival: 25% merino lambswool, 75% combed cotton

This wrap has a unique feel to it; chunky and quite dense at 370gsm, but with plenty of diagonal stretch and movement still. It is one of the thicker wraps we’ve made and definitely wraps shorter as a result, although you will gain more length as it breaks in. As with all our wraps, the […]

Sunfade and Perran Cirrus Festival

This is the first release of our new design Festival. Festival, an Alchemy range wrap, is primarily made up from a traditional spiralling diamond weave design that we both fell in love with  (and already use to make up part of our teaching wrap design). This pattern gives a wonderful waffle like texture and stretch to […]

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