Wash and Care Information

Our woven wraps are made from very high quality fibres and they will last a long time given proper care, so that their lifespan will allow them to carry multiple children from birth through to toddlerhood. Following our care instructions will help to keep your wraps looking and feeling their best for years to come!

hanging a wrap on the line to dry

All of our wraps are pretty simple to care for on a daily basis, and they only need washing when they first arrive with you, then any time that they get dirty after that.
They are designed to withstand the vigorous use of carrying small children, and all the stickiness and mess that they can bring with them! You can spot clean any little marks that they pick up.

Read on for washing and general care instructions for all types of wraps.

The First Wash

Your wrap arrives in ‘loomstate’ and needs a first wash to set the fibres and wash away any dust from the production process. Wraps will often change appearance and texture after that first wash, become more vibrant, soft and less stiff feeling. You can read more about loomstate below.

The black mesh bag that your wrap arrives in is a delicates laundry bag and can be used to wash your wrap in. Occasionally we may advise not to use the bag for the first wash if a particular wrap sheds a lot of loose fibres initially (which you wouldn’t want trapping in the bag) but this is very rare, and your wrap would come with clear instructions about the first wash if this was the case.

General washing instructions for woven wraps

This is the washing guide for most of our wraps, including  100% cotton, hemp, viscose and linen blends. It also includes some wraps with a very low percentage of wool in the blend.
These instructions are deliberately very gentle to keep the silky shine to the warp threads. The cloth can physically withstand much more robust washing if you ever need to, but this may change the feel of the cotton warp slightly.

Washing INstructions For wool wraps

Nearly all of our woollen wraps are fine to be machine washed if your washing machine has a wool setting. Washing machines in the US seem to be different to the ones we have here in Europe, so we have blog post written by a US customer, sharing her experiences of machine washing our wraps.

Useful information about creasing in woven wraps

Lots of our linen is easy-care and pretty crease-proof (we use a supersoft, plied Italian linen), but occasionally some linen and other yarns spun from long fibres can be prone to creasing. This article tells you more about creases in cloth, how to prevent and manage them.

Caring for your wrap

As impossible as it may seem in the early months, there will be times when you aren’t using your woven wrap and it needs to be stored somewhere. Maybe you’ve got several wraps and can’t use them all at once! 

Wraps should be stored somewhere out of direct sunlight, especially if they’ll be on a shelf for long periods. You don’t want the colours to fade. You should also avoid leaving your wraps braided or folded in the same position for very long periods of time, to avoid any set-in creases.

Braiding your wrap can be a good way to transport it when you’re out and about.

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