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Chalice Pendle Midwinter: Wrap Database

chalice pendle midwinter

Weft Name: ChaliceWarp Name: PendleDesign Name: MidwinterGSM: 325Weave Structure: AlchemyAverage Width: 68cmBlend: Organic Combed Cotton 55% Merino 28% Hemp 17%Related Wraps: Very similar to the Touchstone weft wraps and Crucible Burnish Petrography only this wrap has a slightly higher wool content than them.Wrapping Qualities: Care Requirements: Follow our care instructions for wool wraps. This is […]

Verglas Midnight Midwinter: Wrap Database


Weft Name: Verglas Warp Name: Midnight Design Name: Midwinter GSM: 300 Weave Structure: Alchemy Average Width: 68cm Blend: 70% Cotton, 25% Merino, 5% Linen Related Wraps: Whinlatter Midnight Birch Trees has the same warp. Crystalline Twilight Midwinter is a very similar looking wrap. Wrapping Qualities: Dense and blankety in hand, with a fluffy softness after a […]

Blizzard Aqua Midwinter

It is now the exact time of year that inspired the original Midwinter design. I am endlessly fascinated by the slow reveal of the fractal shapes of bare branches, and how they vary from tree to tree and really enjoyed exploring that in this design. Blizzard was a chance to use up some beautiful yarns […]

Crystalline Twilight Midwinter 50% Lambswool

  We have slightly tweaked our Midwinter design, changing the shape of the tree a little and moving the owl! Our Crystalline weft is made up from a variety of cool blues and purples which work together beautifully. This is another weft made from locally sourced left-over yarns, so it is a limited run. This lambswool […]

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