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Swell Octarine Seafoam: year round wool!

It can be tempting to assume that wool is only suitable for cold, fluffy jumper days, but wool actually has great heat regulating properties, meaning that it can help to keep you cool as well as warm (depending on the temperature difference between you and the outside world). Swell Octarine Seafoam has a relatively low […]

Barnacle Aqua Seafoam

The names that we give things can have a huge influence over how we view them, and so we are always mindful when inventing them for new wraps. We had a competition to name a design a while back and chose “tentacular spectacular” as our winner. It divided opinion, with some people taking delight in the […]

Aurora Cirrus Seafoam

Weaving is an incredibly old skill- we have been making textiles for many thousands of years, and cloth massively shaped the development of our modern society. We take it for granted, but it is a pretty amazing feat of engineering- taking fibres and turning them into a material that has a completely new set of properties. Individual threads […]

Undine Glasto Seafoam

Undine Glasto Seafoam is an elements weave wrap woven in 100% combed cotton with dual coloured weft. The passes glide effortlessly for a snug, moulded carry and the elements weave makes it an incredibly hardwearing wrap. A medium weight wrap suitable for all ages. Available now in our shop, here

Deep Ocean Twilight Seafoam

Last summer we released Eclipse Obsidian Seafoam, and we knew straight away that we had to revisit those sparkling weft colours in some form on our Twilight warp. There are some notable differences between Eclipse and the new Deep Ocean Seafoam. This new weft is dual coloured as the eclipse was, but is 100% combed cotton. […]

Spindrift Twilight Seafoam

50% hemp, 50% combed cotton We love our slubby hemp weft, both for its looks and wrapping qualities. Hemp really is a wonder fibre and we think it is perfectly suited to use in baby wraps. It has long and very strong fibres that are incredibly resistant to wear, but it softens and breaks in […]

Ternion Obsidian Seafoam, Driftwood Obsidian Birch Trees and Trinity Obsidian Starmap release details.

  Ternion Obsidian Seafoam, 25% Linen, 25% Hemp, 50% Combed Cotton, approx 328 gsm. ** These wraps were mislabelled as 50% hemp 50% cotton but the care instructions remain the same** Ternion has a threefold weft of thick bleached linen, slubby bleached hemp and a pale aqua coloured combed cotton, making this a textured and […]

Re-release of Lichen Sand Birch Trees, Zaffre Sand Tourbillion and Glacial Sand Seafoam

We had some warp left over from our original weave and have rewoven our 3 most popular 100% cotton wraps from the original Sand releases – Glacial Sand Seafoam,  Lichen Sand Birch Trees and Zaffre Sand Tourbillon. Please click on the wrap names to go through to the original release information about these wraps. These 3 wraps […]

Glacial Sand Seafoam: 100% Combed Cotton

This is the briefest of all updates, but being a family business, life sometimes requires a touch more of our attention and we are ‘meeting ourselves coming backwards’ (I’m not sure if that is a universal turn of phrase but it means we are pretty busy)! Anyhow this wrap is a pretty self explanatory one; 100% […]

Sunset Cyano Seafoam: 33% linen, 67% combed cotton

This wrap lives up to its name by the way in which the weft colour shifts from a warm, peachy pink through to a cool twilight purple depending on the light and the angle at which you view the cloth. This effect is created by our use of two different weft threads- the indigo linen […]

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