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Driftwood Cyano Seafoam- Our New Release, Available Soon!

(50% combed cotton, 25% hemp, 25% linen): available from Sunday 29th June Driftwood is a sibling to the Spindrift Cyano Seafoam, but whereas the latter is 50% hemp, 50% combed cotton, this wrap has a hemp and linen weft making it 25% hemp, 25% Italian 2 ply linen and 50% combed cotton. Driftwood is ever […]

Indigo Cyano Seafoam 50% linen 50% combed cotton: available from 12th June 2014

Indigo Cyano Seafoam is a 50% linen wrap. This linen is slightly thicker than some of our recent wefts such as the bronze and gamma crucis, but it is still only a medium weight making it suitable for summer use. This wrap has almost a jeans like quality to it- the indigo colour naturally continues and […]

Obsidian Cyano Seafoam (100% combed cotton) available from 4th June 2014

      The  obsidian weft really brings out the jewel tones of the cyano warp, and calls to mind the Northern lights in a clear summer sky. We prefer to wear this particular wrap weft side out, so that the turquoise waves crash against the dark night sky, but how you choose to wear […]

Spindrift Cyano Seafoam (50% hemp, 50% combed cotton) available from 23rd May 2014

      We are giddy with the excitement of having a new warp colour to work with! I say colour, but actually this warp is made up of 3 colours, a bright turquoise, a warm emerald green and a peacock blue. They blend together to give the softly undulating clarity and richness of a tropical […]

Winter Twilight Seafoam

Our next release into the shop  is the linen weft Winter Twilight Seafoam and we will be releasing these tomorrow at 10am (Saturday 21st December). Fittingly this is the Winter Solstice- the shortest day of the year in terms of daylight hours. The linen is incredibly shimmery and versatile in its appearance. Just like the […]

Moonlit Twilight Seafoam 100% Combed Cotton

The Moonlit Twilight Seafoam wraps are due to be released on the 6th December at 1pm (or as close to then as small children will allow).   I’m just going to have to bombard you with pictures because this weft is one that changes colour depending on the context in which you view it. It […]

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