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Re-release of Lichen Sand Birch Trees, Zaffre Sand Tourbillion and Glacial Sand Seafoam

We had some warp left over from our original weave and have rewoven our 3 most popular 100% cotton wraps from the original Sand releases – Glacial Sand Seafoam,  Lichen Sand Birch Trees and Zaffre Sand Tourbillon. Please click on the wrap names to go through to the original release information about these wraps. These 3 wraps […]

Glacial Sand Seafoam: 100% Combed Cotton

This is the briefest of all updates, but being a family business, life sometimes requires a touch more of our attention and we are ‘meeting ourselves coming backwards’ (I’m not sure if that is a universal turn of phrase but it means we are pretty busy)! Anyhow this wrap is a pretty self explanatory one; 100% […]

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