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Seaspray Sunset Tentacular Spectacular: Wrap Database

Seaspray Sunset Tentacular Spectacular - woven wrap

Weft Name: SeasprayWarp Name: SunsetDesign Name: Tentacular SpectacularGSM: 270Weave Structure: ElementsAverage Width: 68cmBlend: 74% cotton, 20% hemp, 6% merino wool Related Wraps: Seaspray Cyano Tentacular Spectacular is this wrap’s sister wrap, woven side by side on a split warp with the same design and weft. Crucible Burnish Petrography is the only other wrap that we […]

Night’s Watch Sunset Charters Moss: Wrap Database

Night's Watch Sunset Charters Moss Woven Wrap

Weft Name: Night’s WatchWarp Name: SunsetDesign Name: Charters MossGSM: 260Weave Structure: AlchemyAverage Width: 68cmBlend: 86% cotton, 10% viscose, 4% cashmereRelated Wraps: This shares the same warp as Dryad Sunset Seafoam , the same weft as Night’s Watch Cyano Charters Moss and uses the viscose from Vega Obsidian Birch Trees and the cashmere from Moonrock Twilight StarmapWrapping Qualities: […]

Dryad Sunset Seafoam: Wrap Database


Weft Name: DryadWarp Name: SunsetDesign Name: SeafoamGSM: 360Weave Structure: AlchemyAverage Width: 68cmBlend:  56% cotton, 18% viscose, 16% hemp ,10% linen, Related Wraps: Dryad Cyano Seafoam is this wrap’s Sister Wrap (exactly the same weft), Dryad Dendron Birch Trees and Dryad Frost Birch Trees are the same blend, but a little thinner.Wrapping Qualities: Dense and blankety in hand, with a […]

Sunset and Cyano: 2 New Warps for 2019

The first cloth of 2019 has been woven, and we though that you would like to see the new warp colours that we’ve used! Putting our own coloured warp on the loom is a big undertaking so we have to weave several different designs on each one. This means that choosing the warp is the […]

Sunset Cyano Seafoam: 33% linen, 67% combed cotton

This wrap lives up to its name by the way in which the weft colour shifts from a warm, peachy pink through to a cool twilight purple depending on the light and the angle at which you view the cloth. This effect is created by our use of two different weft threads- the indigo linen […]

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