Deep Ocean Twilight Seafoam

Last summer we released Eclipse Obsidian Seafoam, and we knew straight away that we had to revisit those sparkling weft colours in some form on our Twilight warp. There are some notable differences between Eclipse and the new Deep Ocean Seafoam. This new weft is dual coloured as the eclipse was, but is 100% combed cotton. The Twilight warp lends a softer note than the Obsidian warp did. The jewel blues still gleam, but this very much a ‘jeans’ wrap- versatile, easy to wear and comfortable.

In these pictures, Baby Maggie is sporting some gorgeous velour leggings made by Swing & Rock Baby Clothes. They specialise in versatile, fun clothing for babies & children, with clever adaptations for babywearing (such as extra long cuffs to keep little ankles covered whilst in the sling). We love to support local, high quality independent businesses like theirs.

It is a medium weight wrap at around 245gsm, but moulds beautifully to eliminate any unwanted slack in a carry, making it very supportive for larger children as well as beautifully soft for newborns. 100% cotton is simple to care for, and we find that our wraps become less prone to pulls the more you use them- a little gift from them as thank you for not leaving them folded up on the shelf!

We have extra cloth ready to hem up should sizes sell out at any point, and our US & Canadian retailers will also be stocking some of these wraps.

Deep Ocean Twilight Seafoam will be available to buy on our website from Monday 28th March 2016 at 4pm BST (yes we are now in British Summer Time!!)

deep ocean

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