Sunset Cyano Seafoam: 33% linen, 67% combed cotton

This wrap lives up to its name by the way in which the weft colour shifts from a warm, peachy pink through to a cool twilight purple depending on the light and the angle at which you view the cloth. This effect is created by our use of two different weft threads- the indigo linen that we have used previously and also a combed cotton yarn, allowing you eye to view them in different ways. The idea for the blend of weft colours can be credited to Jen’s artistically minded mum Kath, who thought it would work really well for “those slings that you make- the ones with the waves on”! Mums are so often right…DSC_0740


There are some beautiful moments where the green toned warp threads glisten through the weft and create an almost iridescent shimmer that we just love! As the Cyano wrap has 3 colours in it, there are 5 different yarn colours at play in this wrap allowing for multiple combinations. The linen content lends a  weight and cool, floppy drape to the cloth, whilst the combed cotton adds flexibility and softness. Whilst the linen content add support and strength, these wraps are not unwieldy or hard work to break in and suitable for all ages of child & all levels of wrapping capability.

The difference in colour between the two weft yarn allows you to see the individual threads more clearly, adding a visual texture to the weave.  The wrap also has two very distinct faces giving it a flexibility of wear- the cooler jewel toned bias of the warp face and the rich warmth of the weft face .



These are a medium weight wrap woven in our ‘Alchemy’ weave and will be available in our shop from Tues 9th September at 9pm (BST). They are labelled as 100% Natural Fibres  as we don’t have a woven label for this particular linen percentage! We have 2 pricing levels to keep things nice and simple; one for 100% combed cotton wraps and one for all other blends. These wraps will come in at between £96 and £151 for sizes 2-7. This price includes UK postage and international postage is offered as at a subsidised rate.

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This image in particular shows how the warp threads can shine through the weft face and create some prismatic effects. The pictures also show how easily a 3yr old can be bribed into a photoshoot by freshly picked raspberries…

sunset s5sunset s4sunset s3sunset s2sunset s1

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