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Delicates Laundry Bags

Laundry bag

We’re starting to change over from packaging your wraps in cotton drawstring bags, to sending them in delicates laundry bags. This changeover will take a few months, so older wraps will still have a cotton bag, but by mid 2020 all wraps should arrive with a free laundry bag. The black net bag that your […]

Woven Wrap Mending and Maintenance: Weft Ladders

weft ladder

A quick overview Jacquard weaving is an intricate craft, and even with machine powered looms, it remains an organic skill, at mercy to the whims of chance! There are thousands of individual threads, moving and interlacing in complex ways, and if even one of those threads gets stuck or out of place, the cloth will […]

Measuring a Woven Wrap: Soft Tape Measure in Hand (STIH)

Woven cloth is ‘dynamic’- it can stretch and contract, grow and shrink depending on what is happening to it at the time, whether or not it has been washed or ironed recently (and even how it was washed).Trying to measure something that can change length is pretty tricky! The babywearing community has created a general […]

Comparing Wool Blend Woven Wraps: Woven Wrap Geekery!!

We have worked hard to find a repeatable source of easy to use, easy to care for, machine washable wool, and this is a post that gives you a more in-depth look into our standard lines of wool weft and the different ways we use them.

Creases: Perma Creasing, Wash Creasing and Threadshifting in Woven Wraps

There are two terms that are a regular part of the babywearing vocabulary relating to movement of threads in the cloth structure- “perma-creasing” and “thread-shifting”. We’ve identified a 3rd different type of creasing too- wash creasing. This is often mis-described as perma-creasing, but the two are quite distinct. It is useful for us all to […]

Who’s afraid of the big bad wool? A guide to machine washing 25% merino wool wraps

**Please note that this article is specifically about washing our 25% merino, 75% cotton blend wraps and that we at Firespiral recommend that you follow the washing instructions on the care label of your wrap**

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