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Weavers’ knots: What they are and what to do with them

waterwitch Cirrus Murmuration

Here’s a video explaining what weavers’ knots are, and what to do with them. The audio from the video is transcribed below. Weavers’ knots: what they look like, why they’re there and what to do about them! In this  Waterwitch Cirrus Murmuration there is a tiny knot in the teal coloured weft.This originates from back […]

Braiding a Woven Wrap

What does braiding a woven wrap mean? Braiding a woven wrap is creating a chain of loops, each one pulled through the next, using only the cloth itself. It serves to make a long wrap much smaller and more compact- great for carrying with you when not in use, or popping at the bottom of […]

Mending a large hole in a woven wrap

If you discover that your wrap has a hole in it, it is first worth working through our ‘hole assessment’ post to help you decide what has caused it and what action (if any) you should take next. This post shows you the mending process of a wrap with a flipping massive hole in it! […]

Wool Blend Woven Wrap Washing Instructions: Easy Steps to Avoid Felting

Most wraps can be washed following our general washing instructions, but wool wraps need a little extra consideration to avoid felting. Felting is a term that describes a physical change in wool, where the fibres shrink and lock together. This alters the look and feel of the cloth, and changes the wrapping properties, sometimes to […]

Woven Wrap Washing Instructions: Plant Fibre Blend Wraps Including All Cotton, Hemp, Linen and Viscose

These are the washing instructions for all of our wraps that don’t have a high percentage of wool in their weft. Some wraps that only have a very small amount of wool in them (usually less than 10%) can also be washed using these instructions, as can any accessories made from wrap fabric. The specific […]

My Wrap Has a Hole in it- Is This a Catastrophe?!

Discovering that your woven wrap has a hole in it can feel catastrophic, and you may fear that it is no longer safe to use. Before you panic, read our assessment guide through, because in many cases the situation will not be as bad as you think, and your wrap might not actually need to […]

‘Breaking In’ New Wraps

You might be told that a new woven wrap needs ‘breaking in’, in order for it to be comfortable to use. We’ll explain what happens during the ‘breaking in process’, the science behind it, and why many Firespiral wraps don’t actually need breaking in, and are ready to use straight from the bag! What does […]

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