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Orion Aqua Starmap: boy or girl wrap?

The pastel pink weft and baby blue warp of Orion Aqua Starmap combine two colours that are usually very separate in modern western society.       Cultural norms tell us that we must either choose pink or blue, and that choice depends on our gender, or more likely the gender of our child. An article […]

Fledgling Scheme for first time buyers: Updated

“Buy your first ever woven wrap and receive half of the purchase price back to spend on whatever you like in our shop!” The Fledgling scheme gives first time buyers 50% of the price of your first wrap back as gift card credit for you to spend in our shop, whenever and however you like. There […]

Copper Glasto Harvest

The image of a bare-branched tree is something that has always resonated strongly with me (you’d only need to take a quick look at my art collection to come to that conclusion yourself!). I love the metamorphosis that autumn brings, the once verdant leaves turning red and copper and gold, dropping to the ground and […]

Creases: Perma Creasing, Wash Creasing and Threadshifting in Woven Wraps

There are two terms that are a regular part of the babywearing vocabulary relating to movement of threads in the cloth structure- “perma-creasing” and “thread-shifting”. We’ve identified a 3rd different type of creasing too- wash creasing. This is often mis-described as perma-creasing, but the two are quite distinct. It is useful for us all to […]

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