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Mending a large hole in a woven wrap

If you discover that your wrap has a hole in it, it is first worth working through our ‘hole assessment’ post to help you decide what has caused it and what action (if any) you should take next. This post shows you the mending process of a wrap with a flipping massive hole in it! […]

My Wrap Has a Hole in it- Is This a Catastrophe?!

Discovering that your woven wrap has a hole in it can feel catastrophic, and you may fear that it is no longer safe to use. Before you panic, read our assessment guide through, because in many cases the situation will not be as bad as you think, and your wrap might not actually need to […]

Woven Wrap Mending and Maintenance: Weft Ladders

weft ladder

A quick overview Jacquard weaving is an intricate craft, and even with machine powered looms, it remains an organic skill, at mercy to the whims of chance! There are thousands of individual threads, moving and interlacing in complex ways, and if even one of those threads gets stuck or out of place, the cloth will […]

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