arn Moorland Starmap: Wrap Database

Weft Name: Tarn

Warp Name: Moorland

Design Name: Starmap

GSM: 330

Weave Structure: Elements weave

Average Width: 70cm

Blend: 50% combed cotton, 50% merino lambswool

Related Wraps:
Tarn Callisto Starmap shares both the same weft and design. 
Similar wraps (although not Elements weave) in terms of weight and fibre composition are Calluna Moorland and Calluna Callisto Birch Trees, Fantasia Aqua Curves of Pursuit and Greystoke Glasto Birch Trees.

Wrapping Qualities: Thick and dense in hand with little texture from the design. The warp face is very smooth and glides well, the weft face a flat woolly texture and gives good grip. Good diagonal stretch.  Very supportive, a little bounce, makes a large knot. A great wrap for heavier wrappees and single layer carries. Not the easiest wrap to tighten, but very forgiving of sloppy wrapping!  Wraps a little short due to thickness, so size up if you usually tie near the tails. Is a little prickly when new, but a few washes and a little wear makes this wrap very soft.

Care Requirements:


This is a fairly hardy wool wrap, don’t be afraid to wash it!!

  • Use a delicate, wool specific liquid detergent. These are widely available in shops
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Wash on a wool specific or handwash cycle at the lowest temperature, and with the lowest spin available. We recommend 600rpm or below. If you do not have a wool specific or handwash cycle on your machine please handwash your wrap.
  • Do not be tempted to add non-wool items to the drum (pillowcases, towels etc). The wool cycle isn’t designed to deal with these items.
  • Air dry only, do not hang on a radiator or other heat source or tumble dry.
  • Iron on a gentle/cool setting.

Notes:  A tarn is a mountain lake or pool, formed in a cirque excavated by a glacier.  This weft colour was inspired by the tarns that feature in the fells of the Lake District where we like to go on family walks.

Release Date: 8th February 2018

Label Identification Code: BRP006

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