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Elysian Cirrus Seafoam

   Elysian Cirrus Seafoam is 10% viscose 3% linen and 87% cotton. It is an Alchemy weave wrap and weighs in at around 245gsm. Released on the 18th January 2017, it is available to buy here from our shop. We trialled using viscose linen yarn last year and loved the properties that it lent to the […]

Firefly Cirrus Gossamer

I have a confession to make- I am terrified of spiders!! I can’t even touch a picture of one in a book, the cartoon ones on my boys’ t-shirts makes me shudder (they chose them for this very reason). When Tamsin first proposed that we make a spiderweb design I inwardly groaned!! I have always […]

Aurora Cirrus Seafoam

Weaving is an incredibly old skill- we have been making textiles for many thousands of years, and cloth massively shaped the development of our modern society. We take it for granted, but it is a pretty amazing feat of engineering- taking fibres and turning them into a material that has a completely new set of properties. Individual threads […]

Sunfade and Perran Cirrus Festival

This is the first release of our new design Festival. Festival, an Alchemy range wrap, is primarily made up from a traditional spiralling diamond weave design that we both fell in love with  (and already use to make up part of our teaching wrap design). This pattern gives a wonderful waffle like texture and stretch to […]

Sherbet Cirrus Curves of Pursuit: 100% cotton

This wrap is fizzing with sugary, summery goodness! There are 3 colours of combed cotton in the weft and a light, creamy coloured warp. Sherbet curves of pursuit is a beautifully airy, mouldable wrap and a medium weight gsm of around 240. The two faces of the cloth have slightly different characters and add extra […]

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