Chalice Pendle Midwinter: Wrap Database

chalice pendle midwinter

Weft Name: Chalice
Warp Name: Pendle
Design Name: Midwinter
GSM: 325
Weave Structure: Alchemy
Average Width: 68cm
Blend: Organic Combed Cotton 55% Merino 28% Hemp 17%
Related Wraps: Very similar to the Touchstone weft wraps and Crucible Burnish Petrography only this wrap has a slightly higher wool content than them.
Wrapping Qualities:
Care Requirements: Follow our care instructions for wool wraps. This is a hardy blend and will be happy in a wool cycle of a washing machine
Notes: The weft contains 3 different threads, 2 wools and a hemp. One of the wools is the same soft pink as the Calluna weft, the other is a lilac-blue.
Release Date: 22nd October 2020
Label Identification Code: WB002
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Review By Christina

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