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Pendle Warp: Collection Overview

pendle warp group shot

As with many of our wraps, the inspiration for this warp came from our local landscape. My kids and I were talking about colours on a walk over the moors behind our house. They were intrigued by how all the things in nature appeared black at first glance, but are actually very dark shades of […]

Chalice Pendle Midwinter: Wrap Database

chalice pendle midwinter

Weft Name: ChaliceWarp Name: PendleDesign Name: MidwinterGSM: 325Weave Structure: AlchemyAverage Width: 68cmBlend: Organic Combed Cotton 55% Merino 28% Hemp 17%Related Wraps: Very similar to the Touchstone weft wraps and Crucible Burnish Petrography only this wrap has a slightly higher wool content than them.Wrapping Qualities: Care Requirements: Follow our care instructions for wool wraps. This is […]

Firerock Pendle Starmap: Wrap Database

Firerock Pendle Starmap

Weft Name: FirerockWarp Name: PendleDesign Name: StarmapGSM: 250Weave Structure: AlchemyAverage Width: 68cmBlend: Organic Combed Cotton 60% Italian spun viscose 40%Related Wraps: Vega Obsidian Birch Trees is the same blend and weave structure, but a slightly lighter weight wrap. Astral Pink moon Curves of Pursuit and Astral Blood Moon Curves of Pursuit both share the same […]

Silverdale Pendle Seafoam: Wrap Database

silverdale pendle seafoam

Weft Name: SilverdaleWarp Name: PendleDesign Name: SeafoamGSM: 350 Weave Structure: AlchemyAverage Width: 67cmBlend: Merino 50%¬†Organic Combed Cotton 50%Related Wraps: Greystoke and Calluna wefts are the same wool as SilverdaleWrapping Qualities: Spongy and thick in hand, very supportive, a little bounce, mouldable, makes a large knot. A great wrap for heavier wrappees, and single layer carries.¬† […]

Earthshine Pendle Nocturne: Wrap Database

Earthshine Pendle Nocturne

Weft Name: EarthshineWarp Name: PendleDesign Name: NocturneGSM: 265Weave Structure: AlchemyAverage Width: 68Blend: Organic Combed Cotton 63% Linen 24% Viscose 13%Wrapping Qualities:Care Requirements: This wrap is susceptible to creasing in the wash during the first few washes, but this can be minimised by following our instructions, and a good iron should return it to a smooth, […]

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