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Sunlit Aqua Birch Trees

Sunlit Birch Trees is the next wrap up on our bright Aqua warp. As a bit of a change from the usual blog post, Jen has made a video to showcase this beautiful wrap!     A medium weight, 100% combed cotton wrap which is woven on our tighter, Elements weave. This creates a wrap that […]

Woodsprite Burnish Birch Trees

The past two years have flown by, and Nina is now a very active and independent little girl,  despite me never heeding the well intentioned warnings that I should put her down more to avoid her becoming ‘clingy’ (I’m sure you’ve heard similar in your own parenting journey)! We’ve gone from her spending the majority […]

Elven Burnish Birch Trees

Elven Burnish Birch Trees is a beautiful blend of 87% combed cotton, 8% linen and 5% merino using our new Burnish warp and weighing around 275gsm. Both wraps and scarves will be available in our shop from 25th February 2017. We sent a wrap on holiday to America where it has visited several familes, you can […]

Greystoke Glasto Birch Trees

Greystoke Glasto Birch Trees  has quite different properties compared with many of  our other wraps. As it can be hard to get the chance to try a new wrap before you buy, we often use descriptions and measurements to try and imagine how it will feel, wrap and whether or not we will like it. […]

Sylvan Twilight Birch Trees

Sylvan Twilight Birch Trees is a 50% linen 50% combed cotton wrap. We previously wove sylvan trees on an obsidian warp, and it worked so well that we thought we would use the remaining weft on the Twilight warp. Being a deep indigo colour, the Twilight warp creates a softer, more dusky look than the […]

Dryad Frost Birch Trees

This is a quad-blend wrap, combed cotton warp with a white linen viscose hemp weft. A thicker wrap at around 300gsm with a beautifully soft drape and delicately slubby texture. Its composition is 50% cotton, 17% Hemp, 20% linen, 13% Viscose. Viscose is one of the oldest man made fibres, created from wood pulp and invented […]

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