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Grizedale Twilight Birch Trees: Tri-blend

We named this wrap after the glorious Grizedale forest, situated in the heart of the Lake district. It is a triblend, working out at around 45% combed cotton, 45% merino lambswool and 10% linen. There are 3 different types of thread in the weft; the fine coral linen, chunky orange merino and rust red cotton, […]

Dryad Dendron Birch Trees

This is a quad-blend wrap- combed cotton warp with a white linen viscose hemp weft. A thicker wrap at around 300gsm with a beautifully soft drape and delicately slubby texture. It includes some yarn sourced by our friend who finds special, high quality yarns that are only available in a relatively small quantity. Many manufacturers […]

Ternion Obsidian Seafoam, Driftwood Obsidian Birch Trees and Trinity Obsidian Starmap release details.

  Ternion Obsidian Seafoam, 25% Linen, 25% Hemp, 50% Combed Cotton, approx 328 gsm. ** These wraps were mislabelled as 50% hemp 50% cotton but the care instructions remain the same** Ternion has a threefold weft of thick bleached linen, slubby bleached hemp and a pale aqua coloured combed cotton, making this a textured and […]

Re-release of Lichen Sand Birch Trees, Zaffre Sand Tourbillion and Glacial Sand Seafoam

We had some warp left over from our original weave and have rewoven our 3 most popular 100% cotton wraps from the original Sand releases – Glacial Sand Seafoam,  Lichen Sand Birch Trees and Zaffre Sand Tourbillon. Please click on the wrap names to go through to the original release information about these wraps. These 3 wraps […]

Autumn Sand Birch Trees: 100% combed cotton

Autumn Sand Birch Trees is a 100% combed cotton wrap, woven on our warm, cream coloured warp. The weft is made up of  two alternating orange coloured yarns- a bright pumpkin shade and a darker copper red- to create a rich and intense depth to the hue. These wraps work equally well worn warp or weft face out […]

Enchanted Cyano Birch Trees: 50% Italian linen, 50% combed cotton

We have been quietly excited about these trees for months now as they are woven with the same wonderful Italian spun linen as we had the fortune to use on our very first 50% linen releases (the Milky, Silver and Serpentine wefts). It is a 2ply yarn; the twisting together of the two finer threads lends […]

Sunlit and Verdant Birch Trees: 100% combed cotton

  We have two new 100% combed cotton Birch Trees that will both be available for sale in our shop from Tuesday 12th August at 9pm BST. As with all our 100% combed cotton wraps, these weigh approximately 245gsm and are buttery soft straight from the bag. They are from our Alchemy range, meaning that they […]

Misty Twilight Birch Trees

(50% lambswool, 50% combed cotton) Release Information Misty Twilight Birch Trees (50% lambswool, 50% combed cotton) Release Information Our final Birch Tree design of this Twilight warp is an 100% lambswool weft. This is a one off batch of yarn and differs slightly from the wool that we’ve used previously in that it is, well, […]

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