Greystoke Glasto Birch Trees

Greystoke Glasto Birch Trees  has quite different properties compared with many of  our other wraps. As it can be hard to get the chance to try a new wrap before you buy, we often use descriptions and measurements to try and imagine how it will feel, wrap and whether or not we will like it. That works well to an extent but it is important to weigh up all the information as a whole.

I had an enlightening conversation with a customer today, who having tried a wrap from another company and found it hard to break in, had used the weight of that wrap as her mental limit and was only interested in wraps with a lower gsm (grams per square metre) than the one she had tried.
That all makes perfect sense in itself, however it doesn’t take into consideration the way that weave and yarn fibre affects the cloth. Our alchemy weave creates loose, moulding and flexible cloth that can wrap easily even at relatively high gsm.


So Greystoke, weighing in at 320gsm is still an easy wrap to use. That thickness lends cushioning support but still yields easily as you tighten and adjust.

Kate gave Greystoke a work out at both ends of the spectrum, with her toddler and delicious new baby nephew!! It isn’t overwhelming for wrapping tiny babies in, yet has all the mightiness you need for comfortable single pass carries with bigger babies and children.

img_5676_30450362482_o-min img_5744_30531063346_o-min img_5691_30531023206_o-min img_5704_30268214360_o-min

At 50% pure merino wool, this wrap feels ‘wooly’ (which feels a bit silly to write but some wool wraps could pass for all cotton, especially those with a relatively low wool content) and needs a few washes to get rid of the natural processing oils that make the wool easier to weave with. If people find there to be a slight prickle to merino wool, it will often be that the cloth hasn’t been washed thoroughly enough yet, because there should be no scratchiness to the finished cloth.  These 50% merino wool wraps are designed to be machine washable on a wool cycle setting with the spin down as low as your machine will allow. We recommend around 600rpm but some machines only offer 800rpm.
Merino wool is designed to fluff up as the fibres are freed during washing, but this isn’t the same as felting, and you can read more about that here.

img_5421_29883526144_o-min img_5430_30215940700_o-min img_5426_30514195245_o-min

It has a good amount of grip to keep passes in place as you tighten,but still allowing them to slide nicely over each other. The wool weft is the most beautiful colour; a delicate mix of blues, greens, browns and purples that creates a rich deep grey colour but sparks into life as you look closer.


Greystoke Glasto Birch Trees will be available from 3pm on Saturday 5th November 2016.

4 thoughts on “Greystoke Glasto Birch Trees

    • Tamsin Coxhill says:

      Hi Dani, we didn’t make any Greystoke scarves, but do have other woolly scarves with the other releases this weekend.

    • Tamsin Coxhill says:

      Hi Therese, I’m sorry to say they these are all sold out now. We do have some of our other 50% merino wrap – Fantasia Aqua Curves of Pursuit – still in stock though, and will have other Birch Trees colourways available in the new year.

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