Calluna Callisto Birch Trees: Wrap Database

Weft Name: Calluna

Warp Name: Callisto

Design Name: Birch Trees (winter birch design variation)

GSM: 335

Weave Structure: Alchemy weave

Average Width: 65cm

Blend: 50% combed cotton, 50% merino lambswool

Related Wraps:
Calluna Moorland Birch Trees shares both the same weft and design. 
Greystoke Glasto Birch Trees uses the same weight/blend of weft and design, so shares wrapping properties.

Wrapping Qualities: Spongy and thick in hand, very supportive, a little bounce, mouldable, makes a large knot. A great wrap for heavier wrappees, and single layer carries.  Wraps a little short due to thickness, so size up if you usually tie near the tails. Is a little prickly when new, but a few washes and a little wear makes this wrap very soft.

Care Requirements:

  • Use a delicate, wool specific liquid detergent. These are widely available in shops
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Wash on a wool specific or handwash cycle at the lowest temperature, and with the lowest spin available. We recommend 600rpm or below. If you do not have a wool specific or handwash cycle on your machine please handwash your wrap.
  • Do not be tempted to add non-wool items to the drum (pillowcases, towels etc). The wool cycle isn’t designed to deal with these items.
  • Air dry only, do not hang on a radiator or other heat source or tumble dry.
  • Iron on a gentle/cool setting.

Notes: ‘Calluna’ is the botanical name for common heather which seemed fitting for the delicately flecked colour of this wool weft, especially as it is a common sight on the moorlands that surround where we live. 

Release Date: 8th December 2017

Label Identification Code: PUP001

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