Sunlit Aqua Birch Trees

Sunlit Birch Trees is the next wrap up on our bright Aqua warp. As a bit of a change from the usual blog post, Jen has made a video to showcase this beautiful wrap!



A medium weight, 100% combed cotton wrap which is woven on our tighter, Elements weave. This creates a wrap that is still lovely and soft but is also great as a bit of a “workhorse” wrap. This means it is more pull resistant and you can be confident about it being dragged around on a family day out in the woods and then thrown in the washing machine. An ideal all round wrap that is great from newborn to toddlers!

The fresh green weft is made up of two different threads, yellow and a bright pea green which go perfectly with the minty aqua warp.

We actually have two subtly different birch trees patterns, an Autumn and a Spring. This wrap is our spring design which has delicate little ferns at the bottom of the trees.

Available on our website from 1st June 2017.

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