Anemone Obsidian Tourbillon: 100% combed cotton

DSC_1147 DSC_1149Anemone Obsidian Tourbillon is sister wrap to the recently released Heliotrope Vortex. They both use the same 2 colours of cotton in the weft but combined to create 2 very diifferent effects. In Heliotrope the threads blended to create one solid colour, whereas in Anemone they produce an ombre effect of purple,pink and blue. They are a slightly denser wrap than our standard cotton, weighing in at around 270gsm.

It is worth noting that these wraps have more small floating threads than normal. Our weave naturally has a long float structure, and so a single skipped pick creates a double length float that is a little more obvious than would be seen with a tighter weave. We recommend leaving these ‘double floats’as they are rather than attempting to cut and weave them in as they are very small and of no safety concern. They are merely birthmarks on your wrap and part of the character- we do not class them as ‘flaws’.

We don’t have many of these wraps for sale as the cloth was woven some time ago. More recent designs have been woven in larger quantities to try and meet demand and make our wraps easier to get hold of.


These wraps will be available to purchase on our website from 9pm on Wednesday 15th July 2015FS013anemone FS014

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