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Firerock Pendle Starmap

Weft Name: Firerock
Warp Name: Pendle
Design Name: Starmap
GSM: 250
Weave Structure: Alchemy
Average Width: 68cm
Blend: Organic Combed Cotton 60% Italian spun viscose 40%
Related Wraps: Vega Obsidian Birch Trees is the same blend and weave structure, but a slightly lighter weight wrap. Astral Pink moon Curves of Pursuit and Astral Blood Moon Curves of Pursuit both share the same viscose weft as Firerock, but they are woven using the tighter elements weave, which gives different wrapping qualities.
Wrapping Qualities: Bandage like qualities of stretch and recoil allow for snug even tightening. It is easy to get passes in place and simple to work with and not at all bulky.
Care Requirements: No special care requirements, you can follow our main general washing instructions.
Notes: Our viscose is created from wood pulp, processed so that the fibres can be spun into yarn.
Release Date: 22nd October 2020
Label Identification Code: WB001
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