Misty Twilight Birch Trees

(50% lambswool, 50% combed cotton) Release Information

Misty Twilight Birch Trees (50% lambswool, 50% combed cotton) Release Information

Our final Birch Tree design of this Twilight warp is an 100% lambswool weft. This is a one off batch of yarn and differs slightly from the wool that we’ve used previously in that it is, well, woollier! It has a slightly softer and fluffier feel, whilst still being just as  supportive to wrap with. They are a medium thickness for a 50% wool wrap. We find that after washing our wool wraps can average out at between 61 -65cm wide, but that width expands as you wrap and the weight of your baby sinks into them, so they don’t feel any narrower to wrap with. This mouldability  is what creates the cush and bounce of wool without sagging.
We usually recommend that if you know and trust your washing machine, all our woollies can be machine washed by following our instructions. We did our usual test wash with this wrap and whilst it was perfectly happy with the process, (didn’t felt at all or shrink excessively, retained definition in the pattern) the wool fluffed up considerably, and took on the feel of your favourite baby soft wooly jumper. When handwashed, it looked and felt like people might expect a wool wrap to feel.

So with this in mind we are recommending that these wraps are handwash only, and they are labelled as such. Essentially we are playing safe with  these for two reasons- firstly because when machine washed we found that they do look and  feel ‘wooly’ which might not be to everyone’s tastes (and we have had emails in the past from people who are shocked that their wool wrap feels like wool!). Secondly, given that each washing machine is different in terms of age, condition, settings and capabilities, we feel that there is too much potential for variation there, especially with a wool that reacts slightly differently to our standard wool weft. They still feel beautiful when handwashed, but the retain a feel and appearance that people will be more familiar with on their wool wraps.

The colour is slightly warmer and pinker than the grape weft wool that we used for the fractal design, It has a heathery softness to it and a slight fleck to the wool that adds interest to the yarn. It is a Scottish spun wool and was an end of line that we were able to get hold of (so would have otherwise been out of out price range)!


They will be available for sale from 1pm (GMT) on Monday 20th January 2014





Misty Twilight Birch Trees (far right of picture)

Misty Twilight Birch Trees



Misty Twilight Birch Trees 50% lambswool, 50% combed cotton

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