Enchanted Cyano Birch Trees: 50% Italian linen, 50% combed cotton

We have been quietly excited about these trees for months now as they are woven with the same wonderful Italian spun linen as we had the fortune to use on our very first 50% linen releases (the Milky, Silver and Serpentine wefts). It is a 2ply yarn; the twisting together of the two finer threads lends a supple softness to the linen without losing thickness. It requires virtually no breaking in and yet retains all the wonderful natural qualities of linen. These are wonderfully soft wraps straight from the bag.
The warp is our tri-coloured cyano colour, a blend of rich jewel tones that are more saturated and delicious in real life than can be captured on screen. The linen weft is a subtle colour that complements the vibrancy of the warp. It is a soft warm grey with hints of green and silver, very similar to the colour of birch  tree bark actually!!  It allows the warp colours to remain bright without being too brash or overpowering. Both sides of the cloth work equally well in terms of design and colour balance, depending on how you prefer to wear it. These wraps weigh in at around the 265 gsm mark and are suitable for year round use- the linen is a great heat regulator without becoming too stuffy under winter layers. It is also a linen that is soft enough for use with newborns, yet  strong enough to support toddlers. We would rate this linen as an excellent entry level wrap as it is easy to wrap with right from the start…

These wraps will be available in our shop from Friday 5th September at 9pm  BST.
Here is a review from the carrying works.

DSC_0794 enchanted 4 enchanted 3 enchanted 2 DSC_0798 DSC_0801 DSC_0797



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