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Woven wraps are not sized like clothes are! Size numbers refer to the length of the wrap. All sizes of wrap will fit you in some way. Your body size only determines which carries you’ll be able to tie with each size. 


Lovely Long Wraps


One person will need a size 4 wrap to tie a ‘rucksack back carry’ for example, whereas someone else with a bigger body or baby might need to use the next size up for that same carry.

The trick is to decide what kind of carries you want to be able to tie, then figure out which length you’ll need to tie them.

Generally people start out with a long wrap, but it is completely personal choice! 

Here is a list of the sizes, their length, and whether they would generally be considered short, mid length or long wraps.

Each size is 50cm (20”) longer than the previous size.

size guide

The links below give examples of the kind of carries that you can do with a short, mid-length or long wrap.

Once you’ve got an idea of which length appeals to you most (short, medium or long) you can work out which size of wrap is going to fit your and your child’s bodies best.

You can use our ‘choosing the right size wrap’ guide below, or go straight to working out your ‘base’ size.

(Base sizing is a simple way of standardising the tying  instructions for each carry, to accommodate different sizes of bodies. Wrapping instructions will often tell you what size of wrap to use in terms of base (base minus 2 for example) .Once you know your base size, you can work out what size wrap you personally will need in order to tie each different carry.)

Your ‘base’ is the length of wrap you need to tie a ‘long’, multilayered carry such as the Front Wrap Cross Carry.

Once you know your base size, use this conversion chart to work out what types of carries you can manage with each size.

base size converter

Your wrap should be measured in hand, using a soft tape measure ( this method is often shortened to the acronym STIH) You can find out how and why to measure this way here.


You can see which sizes we have in stock here

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