Indigo Cyano Seafoam 50% linen 50% combed cotton: available from 12th June 2014

Indigo Cyano Seafoam is a 50% linen wrap. This linen is slightly thicker than some of our recent wefts such as the bronze and gamma crucis, but it is still only a medium weight making it suitable for summer use. This wrap has almost a jeans like quality to it- the indigo colour naturally continues and softens the overall colour palette so that it remains striking yet incredibly flexible. There is slightly less contrast between warp and weft (when compared with the white spindrift hemp and obsidian cotton) but this allows the pattern to softly undulate and shine out of the cloth.

We will be releasing a small number of these wraps on the 12th June 2014 at 9pm (BST) with more being available in stock in the coming weeks.


CSC_0030 DSC_0022 DSC_0032 P1020093 P1020099 comparison between spindrift (top) obsidian (middle) and indigo (bottom)

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