Nightshade Stargaze Birch Trees Woven Wraps

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Blend: Cotton, Merino Wool


  • Ethically woven in the UK
  • Handsewn
  • Small, limited collections
  • Worldwide shipping

50% Organic Combed Cotton, 50% Merino Lambswool Our Nightshade Stargaze Birch Trees Woven Wraps are woven from fluffy pink-grey merino wool and cool grey-blue cotton into our birch trees design. These wraps are heavier weight, thick and blankety in hand and produce a very comfortable wrap job, especially for heavier wrappees. You may wish to size up to take into account the bulkiness of the cloth. These wraps are machine washable on a wool-specific or delicates setting, using a detergent specially formulated for wool. Our limited edition wraps are made from cloth that is woven in Lancashire, England from ethically sourced yarns, and our wraps are sewn by hand here too! All wraps are fully reversible, meaning that you can wear them either side out for two different looks to the design.ย 

Woven Wrap Sizing

Wrap sizes donโ€™t work in the same way as clothing.

Size numbers refer to the length of the woven wrap- the larger the number, the longer the wrap.

Each size is 50cm (20โ€) longer than the previous size.

SIZE 1 = 2.2M (7โ€™2โ€)
SIZE 2 = 2.7M (8โ€™8โ€)
SIZE 3 = 3.2M (10โ€™ 8โ€)
SIZE 4 = 3.7M (12โ€™)
SIZE 5 = 4.2M (13โ€™8)
SIZE 6 = 4.7M (15โ€™4โ€)
SIZE 7 = 5.2M (17โ€™)
SIZE 8 = 5.7M (18โ€™7โ€)
SIZE 9 = 6.2M (20โ€™3โ€)

Each length offers different options for tying, so there isn’t a single size that will ‘fit you.

Your body size will determine how big a wrap you need for tying each specific carry. For example, the Front Wrap Cross Carry is a popular starter carry. Some people will be able to use a size 6 for this carry, but others may need a longer (or shorter) wrap depending on their body and baby size.

Read more about understanding wrap sizes

Read more about choosing the right size of wrap for you


Brushed Cotton Blankets

Our blankets come in two sizes:

Double- 160cm x190cm approx (63″ x 75″)
King Size- 160cm x 220cm approx (63″ x 87″)


Our Ponchos are one size. Height is a bigger factor than dress size when it comes to fit, and they will fit most bodies under 6′ tall! The Poncho is approximately 105cm long at the front, from the base of the neck to the longest taper point (not including the cowl neck), and approx 66cm long at the shoulder, from the base of the neck to the highest point of the hem

Babywearing Bags

Absolute Bobbins:
The main body of the bag is approx 30cm x 30cm x 16cm
The adjustable strap is 180cm to the taper end, and 35cm wide

The zip opening is 30cm wide and the base of the bag is 40cm. It has a depth of approx 30cm and a 10cm wide base.
The adjustable strap is 165cm to the taper end, and 20cm wide

Scarves and Cowls

Full width Cowl full wrap width (approx 70cm),
95cm circumference
Scarf half wrap width (approx 35cm)
2.2m length
Loop scarf half wrap width (approx 35cm)
1.45m circumference

8 reviews for Nightshade Stargaze Birch Trees Woven Wraps

  1. Christina Brewer (verified owner)

    I was relatively nervous about buying such a thick and high wool content wrap as a fairly inexperienced wrapper with a 6 month old but loved the design so took the plunge. I’m so glad I did!

    It’s extremely comfortable and forgiving though perhaps doesn’t result in a super precise wrap job. I washed it back to back 3 times in the machine and it came out beautiful and with no pickle. It’s hugely textured but I still found it easy to place the passes. It’s also beautiful warp or weft out.

    I’m extremely happy with my purchase.

  2. Jasmine Puderbaugh (verified owner)

    I have this wrap in a size 7, and it’s incredibly cushy. It definitely has a very wooly feel, but that’s what I enjoy about it. It’s not completely broken in yet, so I anticipate it will get a little more moldable. I have a well loved wrap in the same blend that is super moldable despite being thick. It’s a little difficult to get a nice, tight wrap job with my 1 year old, but it does an incredible job of containing my 4 year old. The cush of the wool means that it’s comfortable to carry a lot of weight for a long time. It’s very forgiving of sloppy wrap jobs and is very grippy once in place. I love having it in my collection!

  3. kaz8612 (verified owner)

    I have this wrap in a size 2 – bought mainly as a scarf (and it is an incredible scarf!) but it has also seen a lot of use as an emergency wrap over winter.

    It’s beautifully shiny, comfortingly thick and soft and makes for a pretty weightless 2 year old in TSC.

    I find it wraps a little too short (due to the thickness) for back carries at this length, although have managed to eek out a very comfy ruck tied at shoulder a couple of times.

    It would be an amazing addition to any wrap collection, and I plan to forever have it as a scarf to keep me warm on winter walks!

  4. Katherine Holmes (verified owner)

    I bought this in a size 2 mainly as a scarf (and it is an epic cosy scarf!) but also used it quite a lot over winter as a super shortie wrap. It did a brilliant job for a comfy TSC with my 2 year old, and whilst I found it wrapped a bit short for back carries did manage to eek out a couple of supportive emergency rucks.

    This wrap is super shiny, soft and fluffy and ours will be staying here forever!

  5. Maritta (verified owner)

    It is my first wooly and I was a bit afraid of that 50% Merino. But it is so comfy and snuggly and not prickling. It is thick but you can wrap it easily. And the colours are just georgous.

  6. bianca (verified owner)

    This wrap is rather thick! The initial prickle was almost gone after the first recommended washes. It is getting soft quickly!
    And it is so very supportive, even in single layer with a preschooler!

    The combination of the colours looks so beautiful!

  7. Juliana (verified owner)

    I didn’t originally want to buy this wrap, but when I got a scrap in a scrap pack, I fell in love with the amazing texture and just had to have it. As I bought it at the beginning of summer I’ve barely been able to wrap with it, it really is a wrap for cooler days only. The high wool content in combination with the pattern gives the wrap a three dimensional nature that I have not encountered in any other wrap. It envelops me and my wrapling in a cosy, supportive blanket. I can’t wait for winter!

  8. Amy Housden (verified owner)

    We absolutely love our nightshade stargaze birch trees wrap. It has a beautiful amount of glide whilst also being grippy enough to feel beautifully secure. I was surprised by how easy it was to knot being a 50% woolie but it is also beautiful with a ring finish. This is definitely a much loved wrap in our household

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