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We provide an alteration service for in-stock wraps so that you can buy the size that you want if there are only longer sizes in stock.


This is a listing to be bought alongside a wrap cloth purchase, where we will make you a simple envelope style cushion cover from the cloth that you purchase and send it to you alongside any leftover cloth. Cushions are square and require 2.5 times the cushion size in cloth length, for example, a 40cm [...]


Buy a wrap and we will convert to a gathered shoulder ring sling. This price includes making the ring sling with rings of your choice,  postage and hemming of the scrap piece too. Please tell us what colour rings you would like, the shoulder that you carry on, plus any side of the wrap that [...]


We’ve recently started to offer a wrap alteration service, where we’ll chop the wrap you purchase down to a different size before posting it out to you! Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions, that will help you to understand what the service entails and whether or not it will be the right [...]

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