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Fantasia Obsidian Curves of Pursuit: Wrapping Review

junko bunko bow

A review of Fantasia Obsidian Curves of Pursuit by Erna Who would’ve had guessed that this is me who is writing this review! I remember during the pregnancy when I was introduced to babywearing by my sister in law. All I was thinking was that I need to choose one carrier that will last through […]

The Story Behind Whinlatter Midnight Birch Trees

Every wrap has a story in terms of its materials and how it came into existence, but Whinlatter Birch Trees has a particularly interesting history, and some unusual features that make it quite unique, and a very exciting wrap for us to make!   The Weft Back in 2012 we started working with a small […]

Babywearing Bags: your handy guide


Babywearing bags; do I need one? Children might only be small people, but there can be a heck of a lot of stuff that needs to travel around with them! Buggies and prams often have a basket or pocket that you can load up with all manner of things. Our buggy regularly carries school bags, […]

What’s in a Name? Firespiral’s Wrap Naming System


Names perform an important function in our society. They have the practical function of allowing us to identify something, but they also actively bring something to the identity of their owner. We grow into our names and they infuse new meaning into us, creating invisible links with the rest of our world. Here is an […]

Design Your Own Custom Firespiral Blanket

blanket colour swatch

How to create your own bespoke Firespiral Blanket! As a micro-manufacturer, we can offer you the opportunity to design your own custom blanket at no extra cost, using any of our existing designs. The process is simple- you chat with us about you idea and we hopefully come up with a way of making it […]

Alchemy, Elements and Synergy: our 3 Weave Structures

The basic process of weaving is fairly similar for all types of cloth,  however there are lots of variables in the weaving process that can be changed to create massive differences in how cloth feels and behaves, and one of those is weave structure. 

Comparing Wool Blend Woven Wraps: Woven Wrap Geekery!!

We have worked hard to find a repeatable source of easy to use, easy to care for, machine washable wool, and this is a post that gives you a more in-depth look into our standard lines of wool weft and the different ways we use them.

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