Design Your Own Custom Firespiral Blanket

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Design Your Own Custom Firespiral Blanket

How to create your own bespoke Firespiral Blanket!

As a micro-manufacturer, we can offer you the opportunity to design your own custom blanket at no extra cost, using any of our existing designs. The process is simple- you chat with us about you idea and we hopefully come up with a way of making it work using the shades of recycled cotton yarn available to us. Once we have a plan worked out between us, you help to find a few more like-minded people who would also want the same blanket as you. we have to make 25 blankets as a minimum, so we’re looking for around 15-20 people who would all commit to pre-ordering that blanket. Once we’ve got the numbers we start weaving the blankets! The production process is at least 3 months long, so we only ask for a deposit up front, and the balance once the blankets are ready to ship. It is that simple!

Tell me more…

  • We have 69 different shades of recycled cotton available to weave the blankets with. We can do some clever tricks to alternate yarn colours in the weave and create new shades from these, giving us lots more possibilities. It is helpful for you to give us a colour reference that we can match.
  • You can choose between double size (160cmx 190cm) or king size (160cm x220cm), and all the blankets will be made in this size.
  • There are some limitations in terms of the orientation of the design on the blanket, the direction that gradient of colour can run across the blanket etc. These are all things that we will talk to you about and work around if necessary.
  • We won’t know 100% exactly how a blanket will look until it is woven- all we can do is use our experience to give you a best guess. This is part of the fun though! We will show you photos of yarn swatches together, but if we’re alternating yarns to create a new shade, you’ll have to try and visualise how they’ll combine.
  • We will show you a digital mock-up once all the details have been finalised, and the blanket is going ahead. These digital simulations are a working document made to check the design and placement of the yarn prior to weaving. They are not meant to be colour accurate, and shouldn’t be used as a reference for how the finished blanket will look. For this reason we won’t create mock ups as a means of helping you make decisions about colour choices, final appearance etc, as they can be misleading.
  • We suggest that you share your blanket idea with friends & family, in babywearing groups and our own Firespiral community group in order to build interest in it. Some people make a dedicated chat group to help promote their idea. If we think that your idea will be very popular then we’ll go ahead with fewer people on the list. If you’ve gone for something very niche that we think would be hard to sell in our shop then we’ll need more people to show an interest before we commit to it.
  • You need to gather email addresses from interested parties, or otherwise demonstrate that people are keen to pre-order your idea. We will then place the order and take deposits from everyone. The deposit will be payable in the pre-order section of our website, and any spare places on the list will be open to all our customers that way. Once all the blankets have been reserved with a deposit, the link will disappear from our shop
  • Once the blankets are ready to ship out, we’ll email everyone who paid a deposit and send them a link to pay the balance.

We have a dedicated blanket pre-order  Facebook group that has lots of useful information in it.

Let’s get started!

  1. Here are all of our designs for you can choose from
  2. Here are all the colours that you can choose from:

Once you’ve got the start of an idea then get in touch with us at and Jen will chat to you!

2 thoughts on “Design Your Own Custom Firespiral Blanket

  1. Cate Hatridge says:

    Are there any plans to issue new bifrost starmap blankets, or any starmap blankets really in the next year?

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