Fantasia Obsidian Curves of Pursuit: Wrapping Review

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A review of Fantasia Obsidian Curves of Pursuit by Erna

Who would’ve had guessed that this is me who is writing this review! I remember during the pregnancy when I was introduced to babywearing by my sister in law. All I was thinking was that I need to choose one carrier that will last through our entire babywearing period. As all first time moms, I was inexperienced and a bit afraid of motherhood. When everything seemed to be so new, different and challenging, no wonder that I was afraid of woven wraps. It seemed to me that I won’t be ever able to wrap.

I started to carry my son in a Close Caboo when he was 5 months old, then my sister in law gave me her wrap to try out. There was no pressure when I should return the wrap or anything. After several days I encouraged myself and I started wrapping. I carried my son using a Front Wrap Cross Carry mostly in the beginning but suddenly as he was getting heavier that carry became really uncomfortable. I remember that there was link from the Firespiral  Facebook fan page to the Geeky Wrappers group. I joined and came to adore this group. My learning curve skyrocketed and now that my boy is nine months old, I find myself as quite experienced wrapper. My wrappee is around 10 kg. He adores wrapping process, we have a lot of snuggles and giggles. A lot of wraps lived here, but after all I stay true to my favourite brand Firespiral. I simply love the inspiration, connection with nature and most of all ethical production.

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You can buy Fantasia Obsidian Curves of Pursuit here

Fantasia Obsidian Curves of Pursuit

When I saw Fantasia Obsidian Curves of Pursuit before official release, my first impression was that I didn’t like it. Day after day it started growing on me, so I was really happy that I got the opportunity to try it out as a tester in Balkan Firespiral group. And I can’t believe that I’m going to say this, but this might be one of my favorite wraps of all time! When you touch it you feel how spongy it is, you know that the wool will do good on your shoulders. You can feel the texture and the grip that Curves of Pursuit design gives to the wraps. The colors are amazing. The Fantasia weft works perfectly with Obsidian warp. This is one of those wraps in which one you are not quite sure which side is prettier. One side is colourful with black Curves of Pursuit which perfectly tones down these colors, yet the other side is dominantly black with pop of CoP colors.

It was love on first wrapping. This is the wrap that has all the wrapping qualities that I like, bounce, recoil and it is bandage-y. I was able to try so many fancy finishes and this wrap was perfect for it. It was used both in front carries  and in back carries. After trying it in different carries my love only grew more and more. I would definitely recommend this wrap to anyone, beginner or experienced wrapper, newborn baby or a toddler. It is soft straight after the first wash and it almost doesn’t need any breaking in.

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