Superb Short Wraps

short wraps

This post tells you about short wraps and their benefits.

So firstly, what classes as a short wrap?


Wraps come in sizes 1-9, and these can be roughly split into 3 categories, ‘short’, ‘mid-length’ and ‘long’. Each of these categories have different benefits for you.

Short wraps tend to be classed as sizes 1-4. Within that range, there will be one size that suits your own personal requirements (your body shape, size of baby etc). There is always an overlap in sizes, so a size 4 may be mid-length for one body and short for another. Sizes 2 and 3 are the average for short wraps in the UK.

Short carries may also be described as ‘base minus 4’ , or ‘base minus 3’ size carries. You can read more about the base size system here.

Short wraps tend to shine firstly for newborns in place of a ring sling, and then again when your child is independently mobile and wanting to be taken in and out of the wrap frequently.

What kind of carries can I do with a short wrap?

  • Short wraps can be used to tie front, back and hip carries.
  • They can be used from birth onwards
  • They often have a single pass/layer of cloth over baby.
  • They’re often asymmetrical or single shouldered.
  • Carries will usually have fewer steps to follow than longer wraps ( less cloth to wrap round you!).
  • Short carries will often be similar to mid length ones, but fasten off in a different place (under bay’s bum, at your shoulder, or using a sling ring so  that you don’t need extra length for a knot.

The video below shows some examples of the types of carries that you can do with a short wrap.

Benefits of Short Wraps

  • Short wraps fold up small, take up less space, can be carried in the bottom of a bag.
  • They can double up as shawls and scarves when not being used to carry children
  • Most of the short wrap carries are simple, single layered carries with only a few steps to master.
  • They make a good alternative to ring slings if you like a hip carry but struggle to get a ring sling comfortable, as they tighten and fasten in a different way.
erin short wrap
kate uses short wrap as a scarf
A short wrap doubles up as a shawl or scarf!
traditional hip carry with slipknot

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