Lovely Long Wraps

Lovely Long Wraps
This post tells you about long wraps and their benefits.
So firstly, what classes as a long wrap?


Wraps come in sizes 1-9, and these can be roughly split into 3 categories, ‘short’, ‘mid-length’ and ‘long’. Each of these categories have different benefits for you.

Long wraps tend to be classed as size 5+. Within that range, there will be one size that suits your own personal requirements (your body shape, size of baby etc). There is always an overlap in sizes, so a size 5 may be mid-length for one body and long for another. Sizes 6 and 7 are the average for long wraps in the UK.
Long carries may also be described as ‘base’ , or ‘base plus 1’ size carries. You can read more about the base size system here.

Long wraps are the starting point for many people, and they’ll begin wrapping with their base size forst. They are easy to wrap newborns with, and supportive as your child gets older. 

What kind of carries can I do with a long wrap?

  • Long wraps can be used to tie front, back and hip carries.
  • They can be used from birth onwards
  • They often have multiple layers of cloth over baby.
  • They’re likely to go over both shoulders and/or be symmetrical.
  • You can use a long wrap to tie a mid-length style carry, then do something ‘fancy’ to use up the extra length!

    The video below shows some examples of the types of carries that you can do with a long wrap.


What Are The Benefits Of Long Wraps?

  • Lots of layers holding your child! Long wrap carries usually have multiple layers (‘passes’ ) over both you and your baby. This often make people feel more secure and confident as they develop their wrapping technique.
  • Supportive and comfortable. Multi-pass carries also offer a lot of support and spread weight across more of your torso. They can be more forgiving of a hurried or less precise wrap job.
  • Huge range of carries to try out! Long wrap carries can also be the most creative and fun. Extra length allows you to make lots of pretty ‘fancy finishes’, adding an extra decorative touch to your wrapping.
  • Simple and unhurried. Long wrap carries often have multiple, simple stages to them. You baby is supported from the start so you can take a break at any point to check the instructions, soothe your baby and stop yourself getting flustered
  • Securely fastened. All those layers mean little or no readjustment even when you’re carrying your child for long periods of time. The extra length means that some carries can be loosened and adapted for nursing children in.
  • Versatility. A longer length wrap has the flexibility  to adapt to different situations- they can be shared by two partners of different sizes, or used by siblings of different ages simply by adjusting the carry slightly. 
Lovely Long Wraps
A fancy finish with a long wrap

Common carries that you can do with a long/ base size wrap:



  • Double Hammock
  • Christina’s Ruckless Carry
  • Secure High Back Carry
  • Reinforced Rucksack Carry

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