Magical Mid-length Wraps

mid length wraps


Wraps come in sizes 1-9, and these can be roughly split into 3 categories, ‘short’, ‘mid-length’ and ‘long’. Each of these categories have different benefits for you.

Mid-length wraps tend to be classed as sizes 3-6. Within that range, there will be one size that suits your own personal requirements (your body shape, size of baby etc). There is always an overlap in sizes, so a size 4 may be mid-length for one body and short for another. Sizes 4 and 5 are the average for mid-length wraps in the UK.
Mid-length carries may also be described as ‘base minus 2’ , or ‘base minus 1’ size carries. You can read more about the base size system here.

Mid-length wraps can do a bit of everything! You can tie lots of short style carries and long style carries too, but you’ll have make minor adjustments to the the tying steps for both, to either compensate for the lack of length, or to use up the extra that you have. A mid length wrap won’t be quite as portable as a short wrap, or quite as layered and supportive as a long wrap, but the compromises that you need to make are minimal, in exchange for the versatility of carrying styles!

What kind of carries can I do with a mid-length wrap?

  • Mid-length wraps can be used to tie front, back and hip carries.
  • They can be used from birth onwards.
  • They can be used to tie single layered, light and airy ‘short style carries, with an extra step or two added to use up the extra length.
  • They can be used to tie multi-pass, reinforced, ‘long style’ carries but with an adaptation to accommodate the lack of length.

The video below shows some examples of the types of carries that you can do with a mid-length wrap.

Benefits of Mid-length Wraps

  • Mid-length wraps borrow from the benefits of both short and long wraps.
  • You can perform single layer carries, albeit with slightly swishy tails or a little extra length to use up creatively
  • You can perform multi-pass, layered carries although you’ll need to adjust the carry slightly to account for the shorter length (tying off in a different place or changing one of the passes slightly)
  • They are smaller and more portable than a long wrap, and…
  • They are longer and more flexible than a short wrap!
  • Being in the middle allows mid-length wraps to transition easily when your  needs change, or if your base size changes.

Common carries that you can do with a mid-length wrap.


  • Front Wrap Cross Carry Variation (tied under bum or tied at shoulder)
  • Kangaroo
  • Front Reinforced Traditional Sling carry
  • Short Cross Carry



  • Semi- Double Hammock
  • Rucksack Carry
  • Jordan’s Back Carry
FWCC tied at shoulder
FWCC tied at shoulder
Semi Double Hammock
Semi Double Hammock
Kangaroo Carry
Kangaroo Carry
FWCC tied under bum
FWCC tied under bum
rucksack carry
rucksack carry tied Tibetan

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