Valencia Twilight Festival geekery video

Valencia Twilight Festival geekery video

Given that this wrap is quite different to our others I thought it might be interesting to have some more information about how it handles. I’d washed this wrap once (I think it needs another wash to get the wool properly out of loomstate) and it hadn’t been broken in or worn. I think you can see the effort that I had to put in when wrapping with it, but it wasn’t unpleasant to use even at this point. My test is usually knotting behind my back- this is thick to knot, but has enough glide to not be wrist breaking! This wrap was a size 5 and it wrapped more like a size 4.
One lovely little extra in this design is that it has two completely different coloured rails, so one is orange no matter which way you flip it, the other is blue. I’m really looking forward to getting this one broken in fully!

[kad_vimeo url=”″ ]


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