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We’ve recently started to offer a wrap alteration service, where we’ll chop the wrap you purchase down to a different size before posting it out to you! Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions, that will help you to understand what the service entails and whether or not it will be the right thing for you!

Why are you offering to alter/chop new wraps?!
All of our wraps are ‘limited edition’, so once they’ve sold out in the shop they can’t be restocked (occasionally we will re-weave a popular wrap, but it will take months, or even years before it is back in-stock). As a result, we might have some sizes available in a particular design, but not necessarily the one that you wanted to buy. If we have a size 5 in the shop, but you only wanted a size 3, we can cut the longer wrap down to a size 3 for you. Unfortunately, we can’t make wraps longer than they already were, but we can cut any wrap into any size smaller than it currently is. Being a small, ethical business in this day and age is really tricky, and we need to offer the most flexible service that we can manage, without making our workloads impossible!

How much does it cost, and what do I get for my money?
The service costs £15, and for that we will chop the wrap down to your chosen size, move the middle markers and re-hem it. The remaining piece of wrap will be left with a raw cut edge and included in your parcel.

Can I choose an exact length for the wrap to be chopped to?
We will only make wraps in our standard sizes, we cannot make you a ‘long size X’ or ‘short size Y’. There are several reasons for that.
Firstly, it gets really confusing for us! We end up making mistakes, it takes a lot more time to administrate and double check, it causes confusion with the returns process etc

Loomstate wraps will change length slightly after a first wash, so we cut the cloth slightly longer to accommodate this. How much longer depends on the amount of shrinkage we anticipate from that particular cloth, but on average the initial length will be around 30cm longer than the official stated length. The final washed length of your wrap will be somewhere in-between the two 

Can you hem one long wrap into two shorter wraps?
No, in the unlikely event of the wrap being long enough to squeeze two wraps out of, we can’t cover this amount of work for £15

The scrap piece isn’t the same length as I calculated it would be- why is that?
Our priority is to make sure that the new wrap measures the correct length which means that we have to cut it with initial shrinkage in mind. There will also be some loss of length through the tapering and hemming process, so whilst a size 2 might be 2.7m on paper, the amount of cloth required to create and guarantee that length as a minimum will be more than that. The scrap piece will therefore not just simply be ‘the length of original wrap minus the official length of the new wrap’. If you have a specific purpose in mind for the scrap piece, be conservative with your estimation of how long it might be!

Can you send the scrap piece directly to someone else?
Unfortunately not, both pieces will need to be shipped in the same parcel to the shipping address that you have supplied

Can I send you my own wrap to be chopped/altered?
No, this is a highly subsidised service, designed to help us sell the last stubborn wrap on the shelf that would be perfect for you if it weren’t a size X.  There are other businesses out there who chop, alter and convert wraps, and we can help to signpost you to them if you have a wrap at home that you want to change somehow.

I’ve chosen my wrap on the website- what do I do now?
you need to purchase the wrap that you want and also this alteration token . You’ll need to tell us what size you want the wrap to become, and you can do this via the comments box as you check out.

Can I pre-order a long wrap and then ask for that to be made as a shorter wrap plus a scrap piece?
There can often be a cost saving to doing things this way; pre-ordering a size 9 but having it made into a size 4 will give you a pretty much 2m long piece of scrap at a bargain price! We have no issue with you doing this, although you’ll still need to purchase an alteration token to get the work done. We do, however, draw the line at you buying a size 13 and then asking us to make it into two shorter wraps for you (we can’t seriously imagine this ever happening- it certainly hasn’t so far)!

What about cancellations and returns?
If you are able to get in touch with us before we start to chop your wrap then we will offer a full cancellation and refund. We have no set working hours, so we try our best to be available pretty much all the time, but we can’t always guarantee that you’ll be able to reach us before the work starts.
Once the wrap has been chopped, then we will honour our standard cancellation and return policy for the new size of wrap that you have. You will need to return the wrap as per the returns policy, and you will be refunded in full for that new size of wrap. We will not accept the return of the scrap piece, and you will not be refunded for the full price of the original wrap pre-chopping, only the new, shorter size. You will not be refunded for the cost of the alteration. Whilst this is ‘custom’ work in some respects, we are not making a ‘bespoke’ or personalised item, so we feel that the standard Consumer Contracts Regulations still offer you full protection for that item.

Woven Wrap Sizing

Wrap sizes don’t work in the same way as clothing.

Size numbers refer to the length of the woven wrap- the larger the number, the longer the wrap.

Each size is 50cm (20”) longer than the previous size.

SIZE 1 = 2.2M (7’2”)
SIZE 2 = 2.7M (8’8”)
SIZE 3 = 3.2M (10’ 8”)
SIZE 4 = 3.7M (12’)
SIZE 5 = 4.2M (13’8)
SIZE 6 = 4.7M (15’4”)
SIZE 7 = 5.2M (17’)
SIZE 8 = 5.7M (18’7”)
SIZE 9 = 6.2M (20’3”)

Each length offers different options for tying, so there isn’t a single size that will ‘fit you.

Your body size will determine how big a wrap you need for tying each specific carry. For example, the Front Wrap Cross Carry is a popular starter carry. Some people will be able to use a size 6 for this carry, but others may need a longer (or shorter) wrap depending on their body and baby size.

Read more about understanding wrap sizes

Read more about choosing the right size of wrap for you


Brushed Cotton Blankets

Our blankets come in two sizes:

Double- 160cm x190cm approx (63″ x 75″)
King Size- 160cm x 220cm approx (63″ x 87″)


Our Ponchos are one size. Height is a bigger factor than dress size when it comes to fit, and they will fit most bodies under 6′ tall! The Poncho is approximately 105cm long at the front, from the base of the neck to the longest taper point (not including the cowl neck), and approx 66cm long at the shoulder, from the base of the neck to the highest point of the hem

Babywearing Bags

Absolute Bobbins:
The main body of the bag is approx 30cm x 30cm x 16cm
The adjustable strap is 180cm to the taper end, and 35cm wide

The zip opening is 30cm wide and the base of the bag is 40cm. It has a depth of approx 30cm and a 10cm wide base.
The adjustable strap is 165cm to the taper end, and 20cm wide

Scarves and Cowls

Full width Cowl full wrap width (approx 70cm),
95cm circumference
Scarf half wrap width (approx 35cm)
2.2m length
Loop scarf half wrap width (approx 35cm)
1.45m circumference


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