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Firecrest Mercury Microcosm: Wrap Database

Weft Name: FirecrestWarp Name: MercuryDesign Name: MicroscomGSM: 345gsmWeave Structure: AlchemyAverage Width: Blend:  50% combed cotton 50% woolRelated Wraps: The wool weft is the same yarn as used in Greystoke Glasto Birch Trees and Calluna Callisto/Calluna Moorland Birch Trees. It is also the same wool as Tarn Moorland Starmap, but that wrap feels different as it is woven using the Elements […]

Bifrost Mercury Starmap: Wrap Database

Weft Name: BifrostWarp Name: MercuryDesign Name: StarmapGSM: 320Weave Structure: SynergyAverage Width: 69cmBlend:  100% combed cottonRelated Wraps: Bifrost Starmap and Bifrost Seafoam are identical in the weave and rainbow face of the cloth, but have a dark blue weft rather than the grey of Bifrost Mercury StarmapWrapping Qualities: Cloth isn’t prone to pulling, passes glide easily over each other. Smooth texture but […]

Kokiri Mercury Birch Trees: Wrap Database

Weft Name: KokiriWarp Name: MercuryDesign Name: Birch TreesGSM: 325Weave Structure: AlchemyAverage Width: 69Blend:  70% combed cotton 30% Peruvian linenRelated Wraps: Whinlatter Midnight Birch Trees shares the same source of Peruvian linen, although the Whinlatter has a purely linen weft, whereas Kokiri has some cotton weft threads too, making it a lighter weight wrap. Wrapping Qualities: Wraps really solidly with excellent […]

Enchantress Mercury Gossamer: Wrap Database

Weft Name: EnchantressWarp Name: MercuryDesign Name: GossamerGSM: 270Weave Structure: AlchemyAverage Width: 69cmBlend:  74% cotton, 18% linen, 8% merino Related Wraps: Rosewood Dendron Birch Trees shares the same merino cotton weft yarn as Enchantress, but Rosewood has a higher percentage of wool and no linen content.Wrapping Qualities:Care Requirements: This wrap has a very low percentage of wool, and as such is […]

Freddie Mercury Murmuration: Wrap Database

Weft Name: FreddieWarp Name: MercuryDesign Name: MurmurationGSM: 280Weave Structure: AlchemyAverage Width: Blend:  87% combed cotton , 9% viscose 4% linen Related Wraps: Shares the same turquoise viscose linen thread as CMYK Obsidian Gossamer & Charters Moss, Sapphire Burnish Seafoam and 8 bit Obsidian Geode.Wrapping Qualities: Easy to wrap with and requires no breaking inCare Requirements: No special care requirementsNotes: Release Date:  21st October […]

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